Flintco Celebrates a Record Breaking Day of Safety

On June 24, 2015, we started a streak of no Lost Time Incidents (LTI). On Monday, October 1, 2018 we surpassed 5 million man-hours setting a new Safety record worth celebrating: 1,196 days of LTI-free work. The previous record was 952 days, equating to 4,141,583 man-hours. This significant milestone represents your commitment to the safety of those we work with each and every day.

That is a remarkable accomplishment spanning more than three years of difficult, dangerous work. Your sustained focus on Safety – and the results we continue to achieve together – reflect the dedication, innovation and purpose of theFlintco community. The adoption of Flintco 4 LIFE, continuous training, our gloves policy, stretch & flex and the introduction of the Kask helmets are initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to working safely. The results speak for themselves. Safety is the ultimate bottom line.

Not to be overshadowed, on the same day this week, Flintco surpassed another notable Safety record by reaching 328 days without a Recordable Incident. This is the second time Flintco exceeded a significant Recordable Incident record since we put the principles of Incident and Injury Free into practice in August of 2016.

We are part of something special at Flintco. Together we are changing our industry in the most significant way possible – providing a safe workplace for our people and trade partners. Thank you for your leadership and dedication to making Safety the centerpiece of our culture.