Having the latest project management software at our fingertips is at the core of our ability to track, manage, and address the smallest construction details. Many of our corporate applications were developed by in-house staff who have customized them to the specific requirements of our business. These systems streamline our operations and provide employees with the exact information they require to manage your project successfully.

Building information modeling (BIM)

Flintco has dedicated BIM staff in each office that assists our preconstruction and construction teams. The use of 3-D models during preconstruction and construction provides visual feedback and significantly helps in the coordination of the overall project design.

A more precise design yields a more realistic budget estimate, thus reducing changes once construction begins. This process, along with clash detection and equipment coordination, allows the project team time to solve problems before they occur in the field, saving money and keeping your project on schedule.

BIM also provides your facility personnel with digital as-built drawings, including equipment models, and allows your management quick access to information well after construction is complete. The entire modeling program is maintained as an information library and facility management tool on an electronic tablet.


Prolog is the leading construction project management software that our jobsites utilize to maintain the most up-to-date records. This tool allows the construction and design teams, as well as our clients, total access to the status of their construction projects, accessible on a desktop, web or mobile device. This results in an immediate gathering of information and proactively identifies trends early, thus reducing risk throughout the project.

The flexibility to access project data through multiple interfaces streamlines the communication process so that critical information is received when and where it’s needed. When our superintendents walk the job, they have the full set of plans at their fingertips to address concerns on the spot. Clients have the ability to monitor budget and scheduling on their project 24 hours a day. Design teams can address Requests for Information (RFIs) immediately and have their responses documented.