The University of Texas at Austin Belo Center for New Media

The Belo Center for New Media is a 100,000-square-foot, five-story, LEED® Gold certified building built in the heart of the University of Texas campus. The building houses the School of Journalism, Department of Advertising and KUT Public Broadcast Center.

The Belo project is another case where the original design was not done in 3D. Our BIM team was up for the challenge of creating a BIM model off of the existing 2D sheets. Throughout the development and coordination of the model, we have been able to reduce a significant number of potential field RFI’s and changes.

Unique to this project is the use of video RFI’s. The architects and engineers on this project were not well-versed in the use of 3D modeling for collision reporting and project coordination. Flintco has developed an ingenious solution to help the architect resolve building conflicts by providing a video RFI. 

The video comprises a snapshot and fly-through, along with narration explaining the situation, and also offers a proposed solution. We have had tremendous success with this and have started implementing it on other projects. The video RFI helped the team communicate critical information in a timely fashion.