Policies & Procedures


To inspire a learning environment where every worker on every jobsite is committed, both personally and organizationally, to a culture with the mindset that any level, frequency, or severity of incident is unacceptable.

Mission Statement

The Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) department is a resource of highly trained safety professionals who serve the employees, subcontractors, customers and the communities in which we operate. I will encourage and grow a culture dedicated to a Flintco 4 LIFE workplace by providing high quality training, comprehensive workplace evaluation, industrial hygiene, emergency response, accident review and regulatory information with a commitment to excellence and continual improvement.

Fundamental Beliefs

We embrace these five fundamental beliefs:

  1. The health and safety of people is paramount and valued above all else.
  2. All occupational injuries and illnesses can be prevented.
  3. Excellence in safety is compatible with excellence in other business parameters such as quality, productivity and profitability; they are mutually supportive.  
  4. Safety must be made an integral part of all decisions, actions and initiatives.
  5. Each worker has the right and authority to refuse work, stop work or stop an unsafe condition at any time.