Solid as a Rock

Over the last century, we've weathered World Wars, Cold Wars, natural disasters, Dust Bowls, global economic booms and busts. These inevitable peaks and valleys forged the fiscal rules that Flintco follows to this day: Maintain a healthy balance sheet and utilize current equity rather than debt for smart growth and expansion. We have been in the black for more than 100 years. Now that’s what we call a solid foundation.

Bonding with the Best

Flintco achieves superior ratings from bonding companies year after year. As one of the largest and most financially secure commercial contracting companies in the country, we have the bonding capacity to fulfill the construction needs on your project.

Retaining Talent

Ensuring our clients have the finest talent the construction industry has to offer is a goal we’ve pursued throughout our history. Due to our outstanding employee retention rate and tenure, we provide clients with an unrivaled level of stability, experience and ability to deliver quality, timeliness, and value on every project Flintco undertakes.

We have a vested interest in our employees' development that translates directly to our investment in attracting and retaining top staff through continuing education, training, and putting technology to work to promote success.